Reclaimed floor boards and other cut timber come from big baulks of timber recovered during demolition of schools, pubs, factories etc.

above: photo of raw pine plank used for the floor photographed on the right ->

Antique timber is fully seasoned and will not warp. This is ideal for floor boards, beams and structural components.

Pitch pine and other pines - Scots and yellow for example - are virtually always available. Really good 10 inch oak boards on the other hand are in great demand and there may be a queue for them.

Others currently in stock include oak, American oak, pine, yellow pine, pitch pine, mahogany, 'equatorial' (mahogany-type tropical wood), and purple heart (very dense and heavy). We can source most reclaimed types for you even if we don't have it from our own demolitions.

Updated September 2009

Reclaimed timber

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If you are thinking about reclaimed flooring please phone us in the first instance to discuss your requirements.

Photos of floors that clients have laid from our timber:

ten inch oak boards wide oak boards
above: 10 inch oak

pitch pine wide boards
9 inch pine: photos above and below

pitch pine wide boards

The colour in the photos is true in as much as that means anything in artificial light. The images are not digitally retouched or manipulated except for toning down a dog and a bright pair of trousers that detracted from the floor!

The colour of timber is enriched after fine sanding by oiling or using proprietry finishes. Some idea of the true colour can be seen on a sample by wiping it with a damp cloth or a furniture oil/wax.

As you see in the photos, 100-year old timber can include knots and nail holes and 'imperfections' as well as the grain pattern. This is part of its charm and character making for a genuine period atmosphere.

Who uses our timber?

Architects, builders and private individuals for country property conversion, cottage renovation, restoration, extension and new build. We export to Europe for businesses and private property renovation and build.

Much is Victorian but there are also individual reclaims from later 20th century buildings. Your new reclaimed floor boards will have a unique history!

All large timber taken out is cut as required to customers' needs. It is used for repair, renovation and new build where solid and completely seasoned wood is of benefit. It is particularly recommended - pine or oak - for real wood floors old and new. We also supply oak beams cut from 100- or- so-year-old wood, again for restoration or extension rooms or entirely new building.

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