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reclaimed solid oak patterned floor squares
Reclaimed oak for flooring or wall panels: 1 metre squares of
18mm thick boards to the design as shown.

Sustainable timber in construction and furniture:

The current standard is FSC. This standard varies, not surprisingly when mony is in th equation, but it's better than the others. For more reading see this 2004 report.

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The place for real oak flooring, plus other hardwoods, useful species of pine and rarer timbers.
below: 4-panelled pine door, stained 4-panelled pine door, stained

below: oak door, unstained

oak door

our logoReclaimed floor, door, panel and beam timber is our speciality. Wide boards, custom width, tongue and groove, oak, pine, pitch pine, maple and other wood as salvaged from ongoing demolition of 50 to 150-year old buildings.Find that timber: specialist reclaimed wood location service.

.wide reclaimed oak was sawn to these wide boards laid in a Cumbrian cottage with a simple wax finishdoors in salvaged pine made to order for included glass panels or standard interior and exterior sizes.
reclaimed oak wide board flooring ... .standard pine doors
one of our collections of real brass locks and rimlatches
We are specialists in sourcing and supplying salvaged materials for repair, renovation and conversion of period and heritage properties including barn conversions. We also supply real wood floor boards to new build as a value-adding and durable alternative to fitted carpets, especially where owners wish to minimise dust and artificial chemicals.
Flooring planks and wide boards can be supplied; tongued and grooved or plain. Whole floors or usable sections thereof are sold as they come out of buildings on a first come first served basis.

Where does our salvage come from? Our biggest source of material is demolition sites, of nineteenth and twentieth-century buildings. We also have contacts in Europe and the USA.

Where do we send it to? UK and overseas worldwide.

How long does it take? We can normally supply materials like timber planks at a few days' notice. Because each demolition is individual and different, we might have, say, a school and a hospital one week and a factory the next, each with its particular treasures. So a little advanced notice of your requirements does help us. If we know what you are looking for, we can enquire of demolitions about to commence and reserve special items for you.

A source of restoration help and a calendar of interesting social and learned events can be found at the Victorian Society

A treasure rescued from a demolished building
Above: a decorative frieze reclaimed from a building front